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Intuitive Healing 

Intuitive Healing is a holistic healing process. It removes blockages and imbalances from the energy system, harmonising the mind, body and spirit.

The universe is made up of energy, so too is the physical body. An invisible energy field called an Aura surrounds your body. Chakras (energy centres), meaning ‘spinning wheel’ or ‘disk’ in Sanskrit, and Meridians (pathways) exist within the body. Energy continually flows throughout all these areas and constantly changes form.


Energy flow can be disturbed by unresolved difficulties, trauma, stress or fear. This results in a small blockage or imbalance within the energy pattern in the body. If this is not resolved, physical, mental or emotional issues can manifest. Intuitive healing provides the opportunity to identify and release these blockages or imbalances held in the physical body, thus bringing peace and harmony back into life.

Intuitive Healing sessions are available in person or online via Zoom. All bookings can be made online by selecting below or visiting the Work With Me page.

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Bring peace and harmony back into your life. Release energy blockages held in the physical body caused by emotional, mental or physical issues. Restore balance on all levels. Sessions are available in person and online via Zoom. Click here to book your 45- minute session.

AUD $150

The Benefits of Intuitive Healing


Intuitive Healing may aid the following:

  • Treating body, mind and spirit, developing spiritual and personal growth

  • Promoting self-healing

  • Removing energy blockages and restoring balance on all levels

  • Improving feelings of peace, wellbeing and self-esteem

  • Promoting deep relaxation and improved sleep

  • Reducing stress levels and tension

  • Easing depression and anxiety

  • Providing relief from the pain of illness and/or injury

  • Navigating through infertility

  • Coping with grief, loss and trauma

  • Improving clarity of thought and decision making


The healer creates the opportunity and empowers each person to release and heal their own blockages and imbalances. Being ready to make changes and trusting the process leads to the best results, also bringing clarity on next steps.

What Happens in the Session

Intuitive Healing is conducted fully clothed on a treatment table. Healing energy and spiritual guidance are channelled from Spirit through the healer, using their senses. The healer works within the aura and gently places their hands on the body; energy flows through the healer’s hands into the body.

Crystals, Essential Oils and Tibetan Bells may also be used during the session to bring clarity and aid the healing process.

Please be aware that a medical diagnosis or prognosis will not be provided.

You may feel so relaxed that you drift in and out of consciousness. If you fall asleep the natural self-healing process and benefits of the treatment still takes place. During the session the healer will discuss with you what has come up (unless you are asleep!), how it is manifesting itself and what can be done to release any blockages or imbalances further.

What an Intuitive Healing Treatment Feels Like 

Heat may be felt from the practitioner’s hands. Deep relaxation, coolness or mild tingling could be experienced. Some aches and pains may come to the surface. You may see coloured lights or images in your mind. You could feel as though you are floating, very heavy or become emotional. This is part of the self-healing process and is perfectly normal; the body is releasing what it no longer needs.

How Long it Takes for the Healing to Work

Healing can occur immediately, or it may take much longer for these changes to integrate within the body. Sometimes it’s only apparent something has shifted when problems are responded to differently.