Business Life and the Universe Vol3 Full

Bestselling Author

As a passionate writer and author, Sarah uses her voice to help others navigate through difficult times.

Business, Life and the Universe Volume 3 - this book became a number one international bestseller in 2020. Sarah's chapter shares how she navigated through the challenges of 2020 by drawing on the wisdom she gained while lying in intensive care in 2009. Click here to purchase your copy!

Forthcoming book on Sarah's journey to self-love through secondary infertility - Soon to be published by Morgan James Publishing, Sarah openly shares the emotional, physical and mental pain she endured on her path to becoming a mum to three beautiful children; her biggest blessings and greatest teachers. Sarah is determined to help break the silence surrounding infertility and support couples who are still waiting to welcome their baby into the world. WATCH THIS SPACE FOR THE RELEASE DATE!

Thrive Global Magazine - Founded by Arianna Huffington, this magazine covers important topics such as well-being, wisdom, wonder, purpose, sleep, special sections and community. Click here to read Sarah's latest article.

Modern Warrior Magazine - Sarah is a regular contributor to this international lifestyle magazine delivering captivating articles and stories to empower, inspire and influence change. The magazine strives to deliver a publication that mirrors personal and professional interests, including topics such as: Parenting, Health, Wellness, Leadership, Finance, Mindset, Conscious Living plus so much more. Subscribe now to grab your copy! 

Medium, McGill MediaSimple Reminders and Catherine B Roy - Sarah has written numerous insightful articles and posts on life and spirituality since 2014. Sarah's words have been read by millions of people worldwide who wish to heal, love themselves, achieve more and transform their lives, but often don't know where to begin.