Sarah Willoughby | Author | Melbourne | Australia


Sarah writes inspiring articles on life and spirituality for McGill Media, Simple Reminders and Catherine B. Roy, to an audience of over 12 million. Her words and insight have been read by thousands of people all around the world, who wish to heal and transform their lives, but often don’t know where to begin.

As a passionate author, Sarah has a strong desire to use her voice and share her story to connect with others and help them to navigate through difficult times. Her forthcoming book on infertility has been written to break the silence around such a deeply personal subject. Reaching out to those who have lost hope of having a baby, feel alone or simply need to reconnect with themselves, Sarah shares the impact infertility had on her life, and how she came out the other side. Blessed to welcome three beautiful children into the world who have since become Sarah’s greatest teachers, Sarah shows how infertility ultimately changed her life for the better. 

Sarah's Articles and Inspiration