About Sarah

Sarah Willoughby is a Transformation Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Reiki Practitioner, Author, Speaker, and Infertility Coach.


Passionate about guiding people to reconnect with themselves and love who they are, Sarah is committed to empowering her clients to heal, be peaceful and transform their lives. Sarah has a strong worldwide following on social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Originally from the UK, Sarah has always been intrigued by what connects us and why we are here. Attaining an Honours Degree in Business Studies and Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management, Sarah spent 10 years working in the corporate world and at a university. During this time Meditation and Mindfulness became increasingly important to cope with daily work stress and secondary infertility.


Emigrating to Australia in 2009 with her family, Sarah left the corporate world and began a new life. Sarah is blessed to live by the beach on the Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne. Here she can be found enthusiastically writing her way around cafes, helping people to be their best version through Mentorship and Energy Healing, and spending time in nature with her children.

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